Liturgy Centre Resources

The Liturgy Centre contains a wide range of resources, available for both reference and purchase. In this section, you can download some sample liturgies, find out more information about our own publications under new releases, Liturgy magazine, and Sacramental Certificates.

If you are looking for links or our journal index, you can find these in the information section.

The Liturgy Centre Resources cover: each new liturgical year; ministry; the Mass; Sacraments; Daily Prayer and Reflection; Bibles; Lectionaries; Preparing Rituals; Leading Prayer; Worship with Children for parishes and schools. Please use the contact us page to email us with any order for, or query about, our resources.

Te Reo Sign On and Sign Off for Letters

From the Archdiocese of Wellington: easy guide to letter writing using Te Reo titles and sign offs, within the Catholic Community.

Guidelines for Liturgy Committees, Catholic Diocese of Auckland.Published by the Auckland Diocesan Liturgy Commission, this booklet is available from the Liturgy Centre, or click here to download as a pdf file.

Season of Creation 1 September to 4 October. To access the resource ‘Stations of Creation’ click here.  See also Rosary of Creation.