Liturgy of the Word with Children

·    is a ritual for the proclamation of God’s Word with Children appropriate to their understanding.

·    is a moment of salvation in which the living God communicates life to God’s children and in which they respond with awe, praise, thanksgiving and petition.

·    is liturgy, and is not Sunday School. Activity sheets can be useful as take home material for family follow-up, but they are not appropriate to be used during a liturgical celebration.

·    is time to hear God’s Word at an appropriate level.

·    is an opportunity to hear the Gospel message and consider how to practise it in life.
Lay leaders of Liturgy of the Word with Children undergo formation in order to be more effective ministers.

Formation Workshops for Leaders of Liturgy of the Word with Children:

Workshops may be arranged by contacting Tina at the Liturgy Centre, Ph 09 360 3061 or email

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or contact Tina Coll at the Liturgy Centre, Ph: (09)3603061