Family Faith


Growing together with God

Parents are the first educators of faith. We hope to support parents in this important task by providing engaging resources and links, to help parents in this important ministry.

The Role of the Family in Faith Nurturing

In Sharing The Gospel Today – The Catechetical Directory for Aotearoa New Zealand the role of the family in catechesis is stated

Parents are the primary educators of faith, called to form their children in the home.  Within the Christian community, the family-whānau is the domestic Church, that is a house of prayer and a school of virtues where parents live out their baptismal mission.

This section of the Diocesan website provides support and encouragement to parents in this important role of providing faith formation for children, taking account of the realities of people’s lives in the family-whānau and society, and the need of solidarity among families of faith.

The family that prays together stays together. Prayer takes many forms. Don’t be scared to try creative ways of listening to God.

Catholics share a set of beliefs and practices. There are a variety of ways of learning about them, and there is always something to learn.

Family faith is not just about praying together and learning together, but also about having fun together. Enjoy being a Catholic

Fortnightly activities for families to engage with and explore their Catholic Faith.

The family is where we are formed as people. Every family is a brick in the building of society.

Pope Francis

Family fun-based activities centred on the liturgical season that encourage everyday faith practice.

Some reminders to start with..

In the busy nature of our lives sometimes its good to stop and think what can we do? As Catholic parents, how can we do our best to teach our children to know, love and serve God? How can we grow faith as a family?  Well for starters… (and then there is all the other ideas on this site)






1. Pray together

This doesn’t have to be for hours each day.  It is about building the habit of praying daily.  Before meals (grace), before bed, at the conclusion of the day.  It doesn’t matter the why or the how long but practice makes perfect.


2.  Read the Bible together.

As parents, you know the importance of knowing the stories of your family-whānau.  It is no different with the story of our family of faith. And the best place to learn about the love of God for all is the Bible. Reading the Bible together and having discussions about your readings will help foster a love for God and the Sacred Scriptures. If this task seems daunting to you, don’t fret. Start small, like reading a short passage a day from an “adult” Bible or choosing a story from a children’s Bible storybook or look up videos of popular Bible stories.  You could look at the Gospel passage or other readings that you will hear on Church on Sunday.


3. Talk about God, Creation and Church

Our faith is the matter of the everyday.  Don’t just talk about God, God’s created world and the Church on Sundays or when something special happens.  Make the dialogue of faith the conversation of the everyday.  And enjoy it. As Pope Francis reminds us in Joy of the Gospel that no-one wants a sourpuss evangelist.  We are called to share the Joy of the Gospel.