Parish Based RE

Not all children attend a Catholic School. The National Centre for Religious Studies produces catechetical material to support parishes in the provision of Religious Education in a parish setting.

The programme: Parish Primary Religious Education in Aotearoa New Zealand covers much of the same ground as the programme for Catholic Primary schools. It takes into account the differences in the parish setting, particularly the limited time available to catechists.

Also included are:

  • Suggested structure for the teaching sessions
  • Scripture or other texts for catechists to reflect on before the session
  • A list of songs, prayers and other useful resources
  • A list of Learning Outcomes – these are a guide to what children should learn.

The programme is structured in 6 levels:

  • Junior A & B (ages 5 – 7),
  • Middle A & B (ages 8 – 9) and
  • Senior A & B (ages 10 – 12).

It contains:

  • a Catechist Guide for each level
  • a Children’s Activity Book for each level
  • a Music and Prayer Resource consisting of
    a CD of songs and
  • a Clearfile containing the words to songs and prayers.

To order, email:

  • Catechist Guides ($ 5.00 + p&p)
  • Children’s Activities books ($ 10.00 + p&p)

Supplementary Resources

The diocese also provides additional resources for Religious Education:

Exploring the Gospel is a lectionary based Religious Education programme for primary-aged children available from the RE Team.

Explore Together is a family-based, parish supported, digital Religious Education resource for families with primary-aged children.