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How do I Become a Catholic?

God calls to everyone. The response to that call will have different expressions for different people because of our individual natures. There are a number of doors to seeking membership of the Catholic community. They might include:

  • Religious: a search for the holy
  • Christian: a desire to form a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Ecclesial: a yearn to be part of a particular community
  • Moral: a turn towards a particular values base
  • Intellectual: a thought process towards truth

Therefore, an individual may find themselves seeking to explore membership through one or more of these doors.

Becoming a Catholic, while a weighty decision, is easy in practice. Although it does take time, it’s easy to take your first step. The church is waiting to welcome you and help you along your journey. The first stage to becoming Catholic is getting to know a local community. You may have Catholic friends whom you join when they attend Mass and parish gatherings, or you might want to contact people locally. The Auckland Catholic Diocese website has a list of parishes and their contacts. When you are ready to move into discernment you will need to contact them and become part of the RCIA process.

What is RCIA?

RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. It is the process by which adults are welcomed into membership of the Roman Catholic Church.

RCIA is:

  • A journey of faith. There are a number of different phases, with no specific timeframes.
  • A time of discovering about being a son or daughter of God who is loving and gracious.
  • An opportunity to reflect on a personal relationship with God and how God calls everyone.
  • A period if getting to know Jesus Christ (more) deeply.