Caring Agencies

Mercy Hospice

Mercy Hospice Auckland provides a range of specialist community palliative care and hospice services for people facing life limiting illnesses. They are cared for with the utmost professional skill, compassion and quality of service. Support is extended to their family, friends and carers to help them cope with problems arising from the illness.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, all Mercy Hospice services are offered free to patients and their families, regardless of age, ethnicity, means or religion.

The hospice supports people living in the Auckland District Health Board area. This covers Auckland City and the central suburbs from Glendowie in the east, to Avondale in the west, Herne Bay in the north and to Mount Wellington in the south. Specialist inpatient care is also provided to people from Waiheke and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf. Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The range of services include: Specialist care in the community13 inpatient beds,  counselling, family/ spiritual/ cultural support,education and training.

St Vincent de Paul

The Society of St Vincent de Paul focuses on ensuring that the social, economic and political pressures placed on those disadvantaged in our community are reduced. Hundreds of homes are visited each year and assisted with furniture and food parcels. Volunteers run a vast range of projects and specialised services for people in need.

St Vincent de Paul members continue to follow the vision of St Vincent de Paul and their founder Frederic Ozanam, seeking to achieve social justice in a caring nation.

Vinnies Youth are the young volunteers (aged from 14 to 35) of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. They get together within their schools, universities, tertiary institutions, parishes and local communities to assist those in need in a variety of ways.

GIFT Centre

The GIFT Centre is a residential care facility and religious centre for people with intellectual disability. The name of the Centre is an acronym for Growth in Faith Together. The Centre provides education in faith and growth in special skills for intellectually impaired people from 10 years of age to adulthood. It also provides a religious education programme once a fortnight from 1.30 to 4pm which is open to all interested people with an intellectual disability.

De Paul House

De Paul House in Onewa Road, Northcote provides housing and family support services. It responds to the needs of homeless families. Their service aims to keep families united in a safe and dignified environment, helping them address the issues that have led to them being homeless. This allows them to re-establish themselves in the community. De Paul House accepts families of all nationalities and religions.


Monte Cecilia Housing Trust

The overall aim of Monte Cecilia Trust is to ensure a successful transition to independent housing so that families gain control of their future.

Monte Cecilia offers a range of housing services that support low income families to find affordable and appropriate housing, as well as preparing them to sustain their own home. It provides strength-based and culturally appropriate case management for families in crisis.

The trust has found that when families are supported through a housing crisis and a sustainable housing solution is established, their home environment becomes stable. Many succeed in developing positive connections and relationships with local communities through local schools, churches and employment.

Apostleship of the Sea

The Apostleship of the Sea, internationally known as Stella Maris, promotes the spiritual welfare of Catholic seafarers and the social welfare of all seafarers irrespective of nationality or belief. As well as in Auckland, it has an outreach in Tauranga, Napier and Wellington.

Away from families and friends for many months at a time, working long hours and navigating some of the world’s most dangerous stretches of ocean, seafaring can be a tough and hazardous career. As well as their spiritual welfare, the Apostleship of the Sea helps seafarers and fisherfolk to meet their basic needs, including a safe haven while in port, communication with family and friends, recreation while ashore and a genuinely warm welcome and a spiritual oasis.

Throughout New Zealand, the Apostleship of the Sea is under the sponsorship of the Bishop in each diocese and is staffed by Catholic volunteers.

Beginning Experience

The purpose of the Beginning Experience ministry is to help divorced, separated and widowed men, women and children of divorce, parental separation and death. They help them heal and deal with the grief of their loss. By helping them with the suffering of their separation, they can once again love themselves, others and God. In turn, these individuals offer a better quality of life to all those with whom they come in contact.

Through their programs they help to facilitate the resolution of grief. These programs start with a weekend programme which allows those who are grieving to focus on their experience and emerge from the darkness of grief into the light of a new beginning. As part of the BE community, ongoing facilitation is available to continue to assist those who want more help in moving forward.

Family Life International

Family Life International NZ is a Catholic pro-life, pro-family organisation which has John Paul 11 Centres for Life in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. They provide practical help to women and girls facing an unplanned pregnancy, free pregnancy tests and pregnancy counselling. FLI also offers post-abortion healing through Project Rachel. They educate on all the life issues from conception through to natural death, including topics such as contraception, abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, sex education, eugenics, parental testing, IVF, marriage and re-defined marriage.

Faith and Light Southern Cross Province

Faith and Light, founded by Jean Vanier, is a Christian community movement for people with intellectual disabilities and their families and friends. It is an international organisation with communities in over 60 countries. Communities meet regularly for prayer, sharing and celebration.

Faith and Light believes in the uniqueness of each person and their right to be loved and respected. They also believe that everyone, able-bodied or disabled is equally loved by God and is called to deepen their spirituality. Every person, however profoundly they may be disabled, is called to be a source of grace and peace for the whole community, for the Church and all humanity.

For information on Faith and Light in Auckland, contact:

Mercy Parklands

Mercy Parklands offers residential rest home care for the elderly. They aim to promote a culture of compassion and enrichment in the lives of the elderly in need of care and for those affected by dementia.

A wide range of healthcare and lifestyle services and pastoral care is offered in their 97-bed facility. Care at Mercy Parklands is available to all, regardless of ethnicity, or religious belief. Remaining faithful to the mission of the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Parklands is focused on providing a continuum of care in a compassionate environment through quality healthcare.