Catholic Schools

The mission of Catholic schools is not just to provide a high standard of academic learning for our students but also to help develop a Christ-centered faith relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastoral care reflects the sacredness of each individual, when individuals are encouraged to know, love and respect themselves as children of God and when a culture of excellence is fastened in the heart of the Gospel. The Catholic Schools Office supports the work of school principals and staff, parents and parish priests in providing quality Catholic education to students from Early Childhood to Year 13 living in the Diocese of Auckland.

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Theology in Auckland

There are two opportunities for theological study in the Auckland diocese: Good Shepherd College and The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Good Shepherd College is based in Auckland. Theology and its related disciplines are taught and its courses are designed to relate to contemporary needs so that knowledge and faith may be integrated and the dialogue of faith, reason and culture may be continued.

The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand is a national centre for qualifications in Catholic education, theology and scripture. Based in Wellington, distance study is available for those who are unable to attend classes. Details from and